DPT - Deep Philosophy and Theory of Knowledge

This Certificate Program, which may later evolve into a Master's degree, proposes foundation courses on the theory of knowledge and depth philosophy in several fields. The student starts with a one-credit snap course (DPT600) and may follows up with…

Courses in this category:

This one-credit snap course contains 4 content modules plus one module in which students realize their own projects...

This forthcoming 3-credit course on Religious Pluralism and Interfaith Dialogue will be given by Prof. Adnan Aslan....

This forthcoming 3-credit course on World Religions on Overcoming Evil will be given by Prof. Adnan Aslan. Please...

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Our courses will officially open after approval of the Wisconsin Educational Approval Board, probably in Summer of 2018.

The deep approach is about mindset and embodied action. It is about persons, humans, in the dynamics of living. It is something people want to live and work for. It is never fully achieved, it is always in the making, and depends upon situations.


Feel free to contact to get information on our programs

Address : 10,657 Mayflower Road, Blue Mounds, Wisconsin 53517 USA

Hotline : (608) 437-7669

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