Course Categories

9 Courses

OP - Open Program

2 Courses

PD – Professional Development

Continuing Education Courses showcase the principles and practice of Deep Education and the Deep Approach to Teaching...
6 Courses

DEC – Deep Early Childhood Education: Birth–Eight

Deep Early Childhood Education Certificate: The Deep Early Childhood Education Certificate provides students with an...
1 Course

EPA - Educación Profunda de Adultos

Diploma en Educación Profunda de Adultos 
1 Course

DIC - Deep Intercultural Competence Development for College Students

Deep Intercultural Competence Development for College Students
7 Courses

DSS - Deep Semiotic Studies

This Certificate program may be added to a Master or a Ph. D. program as a 12-credit Minor.
15 Courses

DAW - Deep Academic Writing

Academic writing refers to the skills development for expressing ideas in an academic format. They are in urgent...
2 Courses

RH - Relieving Hunger

   This Certificate is to learn how to develop the means and effective strategies to relieving starving populations...
2 Courses

PE - Protecting the Environment

 This Certificate program is to develop strategic understanding of the environmental disaster and provide tools for...
3 Courses

NDP - Nutrition to Prevent Diabetes and Pediatric Illnesses

This Certificate Program is to provide information about the impacts of healthy nutrition on the stabilization of blood ...
4 Courses

PEA - Contributing to Peace

The Certificate Program proposes an overview of the issues surrounding peace at the personal, interpersonal, and...
3 Courses

DPT - Deep Philosophy and Theory of Knowledge

This Certificate Program, which may later evolve into a Master's degree, proposes foundation courses on the theory of...
1 Course

CSL - Community Service Leadership

The Certificate in Community Service Leadership will help professionals who are in Community Service taking higher...
1 Course

FRC - Fund Raising for Charity

The Certificate in Fund Raising for Charity will help professionals who are working in non-profits being successful in...
1 Course

EPS - Emergency Problem Solving

The Certificate in Emergency Problem Solving will help professionals in situations of crisis and emergency making the...
1 Course

DR - Disaster Recovery

The Certificate in Disaster Recovery will help professionals who are working in emergency situations related to climate ...
2 Courses

EPP - English for Practical Purposes

EPP - ENGLISH FOR PRACTICAL PURPOSES - Intensive English Program with Initial Review and Planning

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Our courses will officially open after approval of the Wisconsin Educational Approval Board, probably in Summer of 2018.

The deep approach is about mindset and embodied action. It is about persons, humans, in the dynamics of living. It is something people want to live and work for. It is never fully achieved, it is always in the making, and depends upon situations.


Feel free to contact to get information on our programs

Address : 10,657 Mayflower Road, Blue Mounds, Wisconsin 53517 USA

Hotline : (608) 437-7669

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