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Those who adopt a postmodern position would have it that the border between science and art is fuzzy. Both art and science rest on a set of paradigmatic connections that emerge from shared practices. Both science and art are communitarian practices based on convictions inherent in the establishment of rules and local values. In short, both scientific and artistic culture emerge from historicized actions and thus, necessarily, from literature.
The postmodern attitude defines a way of thinking and a methodological proceeding related to the superstructures of knowledge and action. In this underlying framework of approach and assumption against the traditional sense of objectivity, ontological uncertainty arising from the loss of the one and best way puts the social actor in search for new ways of expression. Postmodern selfhood articulates itself in the quest for a new shared meaning and metacommunication in a reflective community.
Along the line suggested by Bachelard in 1932, selfhood is never fully realized but in the immediate instant, hic et nunc. Thus the postmodern identity appears always contingent and is linked to the realization of ephemera. According to this contemporary conception of things, cultures spring from linguistic and communicative specificities proper to various fields of action. These fields of action correspond to expressive paradigms suited to the construction of specific cultural values.

In this respect, postmodernism reconciles literature and action, whereas the contextual dimension of literary action partly eluded structuralism. I wrote an article that explores, through specific poetic performances, the possible transposition from social action to original creation, despite, and indeed within, the frame of reference of Education. The article will analyze the poetic transposition into action and the construction of a possible ethics of a postmodern, empowering action literature by means of the poetic sign. You can find this article here:

Tochon, F. V. (2000). Action Poetry as an Empowering Art: A Manifesto for Didaction in Arts Education. International Journal of Education and the Arts, 1(2), online :

The Ageless Secret


The Secret of Deliberate Creation


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The deep approach is about mindset and embodied action. It is about persons, humans, in the dynamics of living. It is something people want to live and work for. It is never fully achieved, it is always in the making, and depends upon situations.


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