English Proficiency


Every applicant whose native language is not English, or whose undergraduate instruction was not in English, must provide an English proficiency test score. Your score will not be accepted if it is more than two years old from the start of your admission term. Country of citizenship does not exempt applicants from this requirement. Language of instruction at the college or university level and how recent the language instruction was taken are the determining factors in meeting this requirement.

If you do not meet the English language requirements you may apply to study a University-approved English language program. We may also open English preparatory courses at Deep Institute. See hereafter.


English Requirement


Approved Test 

Master Students 

Ph.D. Students 


 (Academic only)

7.0 (or better)


7.5 (or better)

(no component lower than 7.0; no less than 8.0 in speaking and listening).

TOEFL (paper based)


(with a minimum Test of Written English Score of TWE 5).


(with a minimum Test of Written English Score of TWE 5).

TOEFL (electronic)


(with an essay rating of at least 5).


(with an essay rating of at least 5).

TOEFL (internet based)

95 (or better)

(with 22 minimum in all bands).

102 (or better)

(with 26 minimum in all bands).


(Academic only)

Advanced low

Listen, Speak, Read & Write

Advanced mid

Listen, Speak, Read & Write

Pearson (PTE Academic)


(with no communicative score less than 65).


(with no communicative score less than 73).

Cambridge English Scale Scores for FCE, CAE and CPE4

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) of Proficiency (CPE) with a score of 185 or above. No less than 185 in each skill.

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) or Proficiency (CPE) with a score of 191 or above. No less than 185 in each skill; no less than 200 in Speaking and Listening.


Common European Framework






The ISLPR based on ACFEL could also work as an entry test for English at equivalent levels (http://islpr.org). Potential applicants who may NOT have sufficient proficiency should have their proficiency level verified as soon as possible. They can apply for the January-May 2016 intensive online tutoring sessions, which include proficiency test at the start and at the end of the sessions. Experienced evaluators will determine if applicants need 1, 2, 3 or 4 English intensive courses and which ones. This is an ideal situation for improvement proficiency.

English courses given after May may overlap content and research methods courses, so applicants may lose time on their program. Better do it before. 




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Our courses will officially open after approval of the Wisconsin Educational Approval Board, probably in Summer of 2018.

The deep approach is about mindset and embodied action. It is about persons, humans, in the dynamics of living. It is something people want to live and work for. It is never fully achieved, it is always in the making, and depends upon situations.


Feel free to contact to get information on our programs

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