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Nano Programs, Micro Programs, and Custom Programs

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Nano Programs, Micro Programs, and Custom Programs

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Several universities such as MIT, Columbia and Michigan are creating online micro-master degrees, reported The Chronicle of Higher Education, America’s leading higher education publication (Young, 2016).

). The alternative credential, which may represent half a classical Master’s degree or less, is accessible without cumbersome admission process. Research design, business & management, computer science, education innovation and improvement, and social work are part of such micro masters. Students pay for the exams, when they have completed a number of online courses. They can then transfer the credits to the full master, if they passed the selective admission process. Since most of these online courses are top-down and replication of knowledge is their fundamental feature, cheating is a basic problem with these programs. However most specializations offered online do not lead to real credits.

Dips, Deeps, and the Real Deep (Classic credits)

At Deep Institute, dips are one-credit opportunities to enter into a new field of knowledge thanks to snapshot courses. With 12 dips you get a snap certificate, which may be credited towards the real Master’s degree. Deeps are two-credit opportunities to take full courses without doing the final project. There is also the deeper, which is a two -credit self-instructed or team-based project. Half of courses in a Master’s degree can be deeps or deeper. No need for formal admission if you go for dips into snapshots, deeps and deeper. The admission process may itself be credited if you go through the self-discovery process. And the peer-discovery process is organizer by deeper. Team creation around a startup is an integral part of the completion of a degree. Depending the scope, it may be for a Master or a Ph.D.

Some doctoral students may opt for creating a startup for their Ph.D. degree rather than writing the 250 pages of a research report. The creation of the startup is proof of the degree labor. It gives birth to new expertise. Most programs at Deep Institute may be considered startup seeding programs.

Young, J. R. (2016). Online ‘Micro-Master’s’ Programs Extend Their Reach. The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 20, 2016. Retrieved from: http://www.chronicle.com/article/Online-Micro-Master-s-/237836

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