Able to Meet the Learners’ Needs in China

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I am writing in celebration of the new website of Deep Institute (DU).

As is known to all of us, DU was actually planned and established years ago and has, as its name (DU) indicated, been advocating “deep” concepts such as Deep Education, Deep Approach in teaching and learning, which have become quality benchmarks, as well as registered trademarks. Contrary to the traditional way of teaching and learning, the deep concepts are enacted around self-directed, motivated, adaptive, resourceful and technology embedded education.

Now, DU with its deep concepts is being introduced to China.
In my opinion, Deep Institute and its deep concepts can, to some extent, meet the needs of the learners at all levels in China in the following aspects:

Firstly, DU can meet the needs of Chinese learners for deeper learning through on-line education. DU focuses on the depth of teaching and learning, in which the learners can be deeply educated in such approaches as task-based teaching, problem-solving-based learning and project-based teaching, thus facilitating effective teaching and learning progress.

Secondly, DU can meet the needs of Chinese learners in integrating new technologies in teaching and learning. As we know, DU advocates self-directed and technology-embedded education, especially in its ample on-line constructive MOOC courses. As they follow the c-MOOC courses, learners are required to apply many new technologies in dynamic interaction, self-motivated planning, learning development, which enhance learning autonomy.

Thirdly, DU can meet the needs of Chinese learners in terms of resource affordance in on- and off-line education. DU has designed a lot of hybrid courses allowing both online and offline education, including c-MOOCs, on-or-off-line materials, soft and hardware for learners to use at any time and places around the world.

Finally, Deep Institute can meet the needs of Chinese learners in providing flexible course time and ample resources available for practice and various uses. Once registered in DU, learners can get an easy access to the data-base materials and teachers’ instructions from time to time. Therefore, it is quite easy for learners to learn in DU.

To sum up, Deep Institute, a new-type institution of higher education, advocates Deep Education in its approaches to teaching and learning and will surely be of great help to Chinese learners in their needs for future courses.

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I am writing in celebration of the new website of Deep Institute (DU).
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